Sri Krishna Marbles & Granites is a reputed enterprise in Natural products, Marbles, Granites & Natural Stones suppliers and layer contractors. We are leading supplier of Marbles and Granites from Chennai. Our parent company is located at Rajasthan where mining and processing works are carried out.

Here we are in the third generation engaged in this business, with dedicated to our business and well placed to provide excellent timely service. Supplying products to our clients across the state and to the neighboring states. We are committed to provide very high service standards.

We have the capability of presenting innovative designs. We adduce a parsimonious alternative to those who don't wish to make compromises on aesthetics. A broad assortment of attractive shades & textures in hushed tones of Multicolor, White, Grey, Mustard, Brown and many more shall entice our fascinated users. The overwhelming spectrum of multicolored hues is definitely an illustration of a regal touch.

We have three sales outlets in Chennai and our own mines and processing unit at Rajasthan.The true assets of any organization is its people. We have a team of dedicated and skilled workers in our management, which includes.

Business Development Executives,
Sales Executives,
Delivery Team and
Site Execution Team

Our organizational culture encourages the quest for excellence and a progressive and futuristic attitude.

Quality and customer service are our foremost concerns. We employ the most efficient and modern machinery to process the stones. We follow rigid quality control procedures, from the quarrying stage to the packing stage. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Our products can conveniently be matched to other premium building materials & can be imaginatively laid out in exquisite patterns & innovative color combination for dramatic effect. Our product quality is updated with high level of professionalism of the mason, who is kept up to date by means of external & internal training courses that guarantee product quality.

Our products strike a presence in the villas and offices of the elite strata, as well as the eminent hotels, clubs, restaurants, bank, hospitals and other prestigious addresses frequented by them.


We are one of the leading enterprise specialising in Marble, Granite and Sandstones Our experience spans over 25 years in the field of import and retail of natural stone and marbles. Our passion for stone and other interior materials has enabled us to setup one of the largest single location display centers in chennai ornare arcu, eget venenatis arcu.


To be the preeminent Indian Stone Surfaces Company – the first choice of architects, home builders, real estate promoters, employees and partners alike. To provide all services to our associates and clients with utmost Transparency, Trust, Genuineness and Satisfaction.

Processing Centre

Delivering you the best-of-its-quality products is made possible because of our cutting-edge technology combined with unparalleled skills of our team It takes thousands of dedicated workers and state-of-the-art equipment to transform raw marble into the dazzling products we see in homes and commercial spaces. At the Sri Krishna Marbles factory in Andhra Pradesh , over one million cubic feet of raw marble is processed each year for customers throughout the world.